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Reverend Roger Rose performs personalized wedding ceremonies in Minneapolis, St Paul and surrounding area.   Minnesota Licenced Wedding Officiant for civil, traditional, religious, theme and customized ceremonies.   Call 612-201-2435.


Betsy and Joe
Betsy and Joe found friendship that grew into love, and wanted their wedding ceremony to match, casual yet meaningful, and uniquely theirs.  Reverend Roger created a personal wedding ceremony, with how they met and what they love about one another.  Through the laughter and the tears, their wasn't a dry eye in the place;  simple but spiritual in their own way, they had the perfect wedding. 

Betsy and Joe tied the knot at Bayview Event Center in Excelsior

Rachel and Todd


Rachel and Todd found a love like no other, the love they always hoped and dreamed.  They wanted a ceremony to match.  On the deck of Lola's Lakehouse in Waconia, Reverend Roger performed the one of a kind wedding ceremony they always dreamed of.  Personalized, customized, coordinated with care and detail that celebrated their one of a kind love.

Shea and Jason
Shea and Jason found each other with the help of their best friend.  They are best friends, he loves her eyes, she loves his laugh.  At Treasure Island Event Center they tied the knot on Sept 11th.



Reverend Roger created a personal wedding ceremony that was special, meaningful and unique, as special and unique your as the special relationship Shea and Jason have nurtured; beautiful memory to last a lifetime.

Sara and Deane


After 17 years, Sara and Deane found each other again, and knew there was something special, that was meant to be and would last a lifetime.  Reverend Roger customized their wedding ceremony, adding how they were friends, how they found each other again and Deane's proposal that made us laugh and cry.  Personal and special, and religious in their own way.  Just like they wanted; just as they dreamed.

Kim and Helton ...started out highschool sweet hearts that lead to this teary eyed arrival of the bride by helicopter, with the groom knowing - everything he loved is now arriving in that bird.  Reverend Roger worked with this couple to make this moment everything they dreamed.  A very simple religious ceremony and blessing along with Spanish translation. The Recession echoed the groom's words, "Your simply amazing just the way you are" at The Wilds Golf Club.


Alicia and Aaron
Alicia and Aaron found Lake Hiawatha Park for their perfect wedding location, to match the perfect way they met, and their perfect love.  Reverend Roger gave the one of a kind ceremony they hoped for, spiritual in their own way.  Special and meaningful for their families that came from all over the Twin Cities and across the country.

Nicole and Andy

Nicole and Andy knew each other since before they can remember.  After seeking their own unique destinies, they found each other again on Facebook and the attraction was strong.  Until one day Andy said, I don't want to live without you. Let's you and I get married?" 

Bringing the fun of the stretch limosine leading to the long processional to the famous gazebo at White Bear Lake Matoska Park, Reverend Roger shared their fun unique story complete with laughs and tears.  When pronounced husband and wife  "Mr and Mrs"  and a kiss came the surprise burst of Silly-String for a fun filled Recession. 

Imogene and Nick


As unique and beautiful as Imogene and Nick, Reverend Roger performs the wedding ceremony truely unique.  Big fans of horror movies, "The Night Before Halloween" came to life with the music, carved pumpkins, and an over the top decorated cake.  Reverend Roger created a personal wedding ceremony special and uniquely theirs for their October 31st wedding at Wabesha Caves - the wedding ceremony fit Nick and Imogene's dreams perfectly and reflects who they really are.

Rev Roger Rose officiates Sara & Deane's Wedding - 3min Highlight AVI from Rev Roger on Vimeo.


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