Reverend Roger Rose

Ceremony Vows

Reverend Roger is a licensed wedding officiant to perform wedding ceremonies in Minnesota.  Ordained by the Universal Life Church, performing wedding ceremonies in Minneapolis - St. Paul and surrounding areas.

*  Call me at 612-201-2435 to see if I am free on your date and time.

* Initial Meeting - in person or over the phone

* Obtaining Marriage License.   A marriage license is essentially a permit -- legal confirmation that couples are free to marry each other, have obtained divorce or widowhood papers if necessary, are of legal age, and have had blood tests if required. The license pick-up locations include City Hall, the city or town clerk's office, or the marriage license bureau in the county.   Once you've located your marriage license office, call to ask when you should apply. Licenses are valid for a window of time, and there may be a short waiting period (5 days in MN) once you get the license.  Both bride and groom must be present in most states, although there are a few exceptions.  Ask the license office what may need to bring.  What you will probably need - includes Birth certificates (proof of age),  Proof of citizenship and/or residence, Photo identification, Death certificate if widowed, Divorce decree if divorced.   After the wedding, your officiant will send your signed license to the marriage license bureau, and then you can expect to receive a certified marriage certificate within about 2 weeks later.

*  Wedding Vows - traditional or written by you.

* 100% your choice.

Reverend Roger Rose